INNOCITY | Terms of use
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Terms of use

Terms of use

I. General regulations

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions before using the website of Innocity LTD. There terms are a CONTRACT between you and Innocity LTD, with which you get the right to freely use the services of the website for personal/non commercial purposes as long as you follow the terms and conditions below. The present general terms have a binding character between you as a Customer of the services of this website. Through access to this Internet page you agree to be bound by the present conditions and any further changes in them, as well as abide by them. In case you do not agree with the general terms and conditions below, please, do not use Innocity LTD’ website.

Users get the right to use the services of this website only for personal/noncommercial purposes. Innocity LTD does not carry any responsibility for users’ personal opinions.

II. Main terminology

The terms below have the following meanings:

“USER” is any physical entity who uses the services of Innocity LTD’ website.

“SERVICE/s” of the site include:

– access to website resources/data through the web browser;

– receiving e-mails – newsletter to subscribed users.

“PARTNER” is any entity which is in business relationship with Innocity LTD, which has the right to give additional information for their goods/services to users subscribed for this website’s services.

“MALICIOUS ATTACKS FROM THIRD PARTY” – actions or lack of actions of third party, which are in conflict with the rules of Internet ethics, which include DoS (Denial of Service – server overload), server pervasion, defacement, data theft and others.

“DIRECT MARKETING” – offering products and services to website users via e-mail, as well as consultations with the purposes of researching products and services.

III. Copyright

1. All rights reserved. All rights on intellectual property over informational resources and materials, published on the site are protected by the active Copyright Law and its derivatives and their illegitimate usage is a lawbreaking act and carries a civil, administrative and criminal responsibility with accordance to the active Bulgarian laws.

2. Usage of RSS emissions. RSS emissions we call XML files serving as an automated aggregation of content from other websites the address of which is shown in the meta information of each Innocity LTD’ page. They consist of titles, author, picture and the first 500 (five hundred) symbols of the article. They can be published or aggregated on other websites without permission. Each publication in a format different from the one on this website (e.g. public screen) requires a written permission from Innocity LTD. If other websites use the picture attached on the RSS emission, it has to be accompanied by a title, the first 500 symbols from the text and the author’s name.

IV. Confidentiality

Innocity LTD is an administrator of personal data, registered by the Personal Data Protection Law.

Innocity LTD guarantees the inviolability of the information containing personal data given by the users online via filled out subscription forms.

Innocity LTD can present the statistics of the website visits to agencies and advertisers, who gather statistics of clicks and other user activities connected with their banners and link, who prepare inside statistics as well as for the purposes of direct marketing (its own or those of its Partners).

V. Responsibility restrictions

Innocity LTD makes everything in its powers to keep true, accurate and topical information on its website without the possibility of accidental objective discrepancies or oversights. Innocity LTD does not carry any responsibility for the consequences and damages caused by or connected to the access, usage or impossibility to use the website. All the information on the website is granted in accordance to the active Bulgarian Laws without any guarantee from Innocity LTD for its inviolability and safety from malicious attacks of third party.

Innocity LTD does not carry any responsibility for objective perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, fullness and usefulness of the informational resources on this website.

Innocity LTD does not carry any responsibility for the information (its fullness and authenticity), included in other websites, to which this website gives references.

Innocity LTD has the right of compensation for all damages, expenses and claims any third party has, which come as a result of violating these general terms and conditions and/or illegal usage of the services of this website.

VI. Changes

Innocity LTD has the right to change the present General Terms and Conditions and will immediately publish these changes on the website as well as send a message to its subscribers regarding the changes.

The active Bulgarian Laws are being applied for any other matters that have not been included in this list of general terms and conditions.

The present General Terms and Conditions are active from 15/06/2018.